The Siskiyou Performing Arts Center – Thomas W. Sieber Scholarship is awarded each year to a local High School Senior who has demonstrated commitment to and competence in the performing arts. Seniors from high schools throughout Siskiyou County are encouraged to apply for the $500 scholarship. Applications should be in the offices of all area high schools.
Information and requirements regarding applicants can also be downloaded here. (Scholarship App.)

2012 Winner

Katarina Martinez

2011 Winners

Mickela Schneider

2010 Winners

Three area Seniors awarded the Tom Sieber Scholarship by SPAC!
Taylor Dickenson
Brittany Landon
Aiden Mc Kee?

2009 Winners

Three Tom Sieber Scholarship awarded by SPAC!
Hannah Johnson
Giovanni Lamanna
Laura Louie

2008 – Winners

Three scholarship awards for the Tom Sieber Scholarship!
Ryan Freudenberg
Susannah Rea-Downing
Megan Scott

2007 – Winners

Three more area teens awarded the Tom Sieber Scholarship!
Dana Anne Flett
Christine Rose Ondris
Annalea Thelander

2006 – Winners

SPAC awarded three Scholarships for the year 2006 SPAC – Thomas W. Sieber Scholarship!
Congratulations to this years winners.
Ethan Heintz
Ethan is the son of Greg and Cynthia Heintz of Yreka. He is currently attending the College of the Siskiyous, pursuing a major in Music and English.
Marty Schneider
Martin is the son of Amber and Ed Schneider of Yreka. He is also attending the College of the Siskiyous. He plans to transfer to the University of Oregon to major in English with a minor in Music.
Whitney Freudenburg
Whitney is the daughter of Mark and Sue Freudenburg of Yreka. She is attending George Fox University, where she is majoring in Spanish with a minor in music or musical theater.
Thank you to all who applied.

2005 – Winner

Kate Jopson
Little Kate Jopson grew up pulling trees out of dirt at her father’s tree nursery. Dreaming of a life away from the grime of seed and fertilizer where her artistically crafted temper tantrums would be appreciated, she took to the stage. At the age of seven she appeared in Shasta Starcraft’s first production of A Christmas Carol. Instead of stealing the stage she ran off the stage, hiding in the parking lot until adults could coax her out. She performed this dazzling feat of cowardice once again in her third production, Best of Broadway II. This time the director, J.J Lewis-Nichols, had to drag her back to the stage. Her career in the spotlight seemed short-lived. However, her theatrical-being could not be ripped from its natural environment. She continued to do summer Shakespeare and ended up playing the little shepard ‘Silvius’ in As You Like It, thus redeeming her past sins. Since then, she has gone on to play leads like ‘Jo’ in Little Women , ‘Cassius’ in Julius Ceasar, and ‘Snow White’ as well as being a joyous part of the chorus. For her senior project she wrote, directed, produced and performed a full length play called The Web of Our Lives. She recommends to herself to never do that again.
She also possesses many hidden talents. She plays classical Piano, the guitar, and dabbles with many other instruments. She loves singing Italian Arias and hopes one day to break a chandelier. On the more practical side, she has taken to welding metal statues ranging from a foot tall Ballerina hippo to a nine foot tall abstract representation of Hope. She also loves painting murals, installing wiring and plumbing in buildings, sailing catamarans, fishing in mountain streams, dancing on toe shoes, going on week-long “death marches”, sewing prom dresses with 25 yards of material, and writing sarcastic editorials for the school newspaper.
Next year she will be attending the University of California at Berkeley, majoring in Anthropology. However, she will still keep her feet dangled in the theater world of the Bay Area.

2004 – Winner

Rosalie Richards

2003 – Winners

Congratulations to this years three winners.
Sara Zufelt
Sara just graduated from Etna High School. She plans to attend Santa Rosa Junior College and continue to pursue her love of acting. Sara began acting with SPAC at the age of 7. Her many plays have included the nurse in “Romeo and Juliet”, “Cinderella’s Glass Slipper”, “Stage Door”, and her work along side of Camille Brown with “Voices Unchained”. She traveled with an offshoot, “Teen Project”, and performed throughout the north state.
Charles Peckham
Charles, “Chip”, Peckham is a 2003 Etna High School graduate. Chip plans to attend Chico State University with an undecided major. Theater and acting will always be a part of his life. His many plays with SPAC have included, “Midsummer’s Night’s Dream”, “Twice upon a Time”, and “Teen Project-Voices Unchained”.
Erica Gillingham
Erica just graduated as Salutatorian from Yreka High School. She will be attending UC Santa Cruz in the honors program as a creative writing major. Her plans are to continue acting and playwriting. While in junior high and high school, she performed in many SPAC sponsored plays in addition to stage-managing a Yreka High School production.

2002 – Winner

Camille Brown
Camille Brown is a young woman of many talents and activities.
Brown, 18, is an accomplished actress who just finished a run as Terry Randall, the lead in the Siskiyou Performing Arts Center’s production of the Edna Ferber play “Stage Door” — a play that she chose, and one of the creators and the coordinator of “Teen Project — Voices Unchained.”
She’s also an honor student and ASB treasurer at Etna High School — her honors English teacher called her the “most balanced student she’s ever had.” She enjoys writing, winning second place in the Siskiyou Daily News’ “What America means to me” Community Essay contest.
And recently, she received $300 from The Soroptimist Club — $150 for her and $150 for the Teen Project — for her community work.
How does she have the time?
“I really try to balance things,” Brown says. “I try not to get too stressed out about any one thing.”
Her primary activity, though, is acting.
“I really love theater,” she says. “I try to give people some entertainment and maybe help people.”
She picked “Stage Door,” the story of a group of young actresses trying to break into the theater business, at least in part to express her feelings about acting. “I felt like it was a way to communicate how people (like Brown) feel about theater to the community,” Brown says.
“It’s very different than anything SPAC’s done previously and I liked the 1930s language,” Brown says. “Everything’s very witty and full of this antiquated language. Something about the way they spoke made me fall in love with it.”
Brown has been acting since she was 9 years old, when she first appeared in a SPAC production of “Romeo and Juliet.”
“I played ‘citizen number four’ or something,” she says.
Seven years later she had worked her way up to the role of Juliet. “So I guess some things just come full circle,” she says.
She’s done about 35 shows locally, but she’s most proud of helping to found the “Teen Project.”
This project was born on the drive home from a rehearsal of a SPAC production of “Enchanted Sleeping Beauty.” Brown and some of her castmates decided they didn’t want to do “fairy plays” any longer.
“We wanted to do something people could relate to,” Brown says.
A recent one-hour performance at the Avery Theater in Etna for the entire Etna High School was typical of the kind of issues Teen Project addresses.
The skits performed by the Etna High School students touched on a number of issues, from the humorous mundanity of running into an old flame at a movie theater to whether to follow the fad and get a piercing. “To pierce or not to pierce,” Brown asks in Shakespearean sonnet.
“Humor’s a big part of Teen Project,” Brown says.
But not all. The actors also address complex and troubling issues. The short pieces began with a skit about a high school girl being pressured into giving up her virginity.
One of the most powerful pieces is “Shadow Alone.” Like many of the skits, it was written by Brown and tells the story of a child of a divorced couple. Sara Zufelt gives a monologue while actors representing the child and her parents’ shadows cast onto a sheet hanging in the background. “Two birthdays a year make me twice as old,” Zufelt says.
“Shadow Alone” came from numerous conversations Brown had with friends. “Some people ask me are they (the skits) true. And while they’re not true for me they are true for some people,” Brown says.
The Teen Project also addressed other issues important to kids today. “We do things like body image, sexual abuse skits. We try to tackle things that people don’t want to talk about without making them uncomfortable,” Brown says.
“We don’t try to preach,” Brown says. “We try to address issues but we don’t try to beat them into teenager’s heads.”
The 2-year-old Teen Project has performed its skits in Yreka at SPAC and has traveled to Sacramento to perform at a conference. The group has been invited to perform in Texas and Rhode Island. With Brown graduating this year, she’s going to turn over the reins to Zufelt and Kara Wilson, who have been integral parts of the troupe. This year’s Teen Project has 17 cast members, last year it had 13. “I hope it continues. It’s something our group and our school are pretty proud of,” Brown says.”It’s a really good environment for sharing ideas with others.”
Brown has been accepted to UC-Davis and Scripps, a women’s college in Southern California. “I’m interested in a lot of things but I know theater’s going to be a big part of whatever I do,” Brown says.
Before heading off to college, she will give Yrekans another couple chances to see her on stage. She will be performing in two plays, both at SPAC — “Cinderella’s Glass Slipper” in the spring and Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” in the summer.

2001 – Winner

Megan Miller
Megan Miller, a native of Yreka, was awarded the Thomas W. Sieber Scholarship for the performing arts. Megan graduated, as valedictorian, from Yreka High School in 2001 with honors. She also was recognized as a Rotary Student of the Month and CSF lifetime member during her senior year.
During elementary school and throughout high school, the performing arts have been an important and extremely pleasurable part of Megan’s life. As a freshman at YHS, She played one of the evil stepsisters in Cinderella, the annual YHS Spring Musical. She followed this performance with a part as ‘Miss. Agatha,’ a retired school teacher, in “The Case of the Punjabi Ruby” during the YHS One-Act Plays. The following year, Megan once again played a part in the school musical as a nun in The Sound of Music. She then participated in the last set of one-act plays at YHS in 1999 by taking on the money hungry character ‘Madame Arthur’ in “The Jest of Hahalabah.” As the one-acts ended, Megan began preparation for her next role as ‘Oberon,’ king of the fairies, in Midsummer Night’s Dream, put on by SPAC’s Children’s Summer Shakespeare program. In late December, Megan once again auditioned and landed a part in the YHS Musical: Hello Dolly. She captured the dizzy and air-headed character of Minnie Fay. Megan spent two great semesters in Mr. Brian Mc Kee?’s chorus program and attended two choir festivals. The choir received superior ratings at both the COS and North State Honor Festivals in 2001. Megan’s most recent appearance on the stage was as the perpetually crabby ‘Lucy’ in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.
Megan is attending Mills College, in Oakland, CA. She hopes to continue her participation in the performing arts throughout college and life.

2000 – Winner

Arthur Boyd

1999 – Winner

Brian McGee