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Mormons will hear a lot of this so long as romney is in the race, and it will baffle them every time. Your anxiety about a mormon politician knuckling under to a mormon church president replays the debate in 1904 over the seating of apostle reed smoot in the united states senate. In the meantime, reruns of hbo’s big love and the learning channel’s sister wives would make sure mormon themes didn’t die out completely. They brought canadian n. The reaction to the godless socialism and lawlessness might by a pseudo-christian theocracy. Empowered by his personal popularity and by his sense that an opportune moment had come, mckay began refashioning the church’s image.


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How much would it take for mormon world domination?

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His famous challenge to his followers was, “every member a missionary!” and the faithful got busy. The mormon church will rule on earth in a theocracy.

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