Japanese idols shaved

Sensenotsocommon: tongue in cheek statement, but obviously you didn’t get that. Many of these are still just minors employees hired workers by the agency (they’re not self-employed working for themselves), so still subject to employee laws for minors. If an idol was truly free to do whatever they wanted in their free time, why would they not be able to date? and if that integral part of social interaction is being blocked, it’s not really hard to imagine other things being stretched. People who really want to do exceptional things make sacrifices. And once again, your comments are exactly the problem here: there are 250+ girls in akb. I don’t care what you believe; if the talent handler’s first conclusion about a girl needing to know her schedule is because she has a boyfriend (as quoted in the article) , then something is off.

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Japanese idols shaved.

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They haven’t actually attended shows, or been to handshake events, or even talked with the people directly involved with the day to day aspects of the idol industry. It’s the same thing. Talent agencies are like car dealerships.