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It’s a fake, but who cares. Martin kove—-omg!!!!! great hairy asshole and taint and nice round ass. The things i would do! What do we know about him? is he gay? (i know he was/is married and had kids, but was that a bearded life?). Douglas juleff, otherwise known as “douglas of detroit,” was one of the long-lost masters of physique photography, a genre of picture-taking that coincided with the golden age of male fitness from the 1930s to the ’50s.


Jack lalanne nude photo.

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First, there’s an exploration of the relationship between mizer (daniel macivor, who actually resembles the large, unprepossessing mizer) and his mother (carroll godsman), who is depicted as disapproving of her son’s work but was supportive of him to the end of her life. Surveys on various aspects of spain and spanish life. Make your voice heard!