Do pantyhose make your feet smell


Do women feet smell after wearing pantyhose during an 8 hour work day? - girlsaskguys

If your tights are even slightly too big, they’ll start bunching near the bottom, giving you a super dark and wrinkly ankle-region, thighs that are basically sheer, and the overall appearance of melting. They are flat shoe insert that adsorb sweat and odors. Now, i haven’t a clue which of the many chemicals in this product make the smell stick, and stay strong for over 7 years in a fabric, but that is absolutely scary and totally insane. You decide to buy cheap tights, since all tights tear anyway, and take them home and rip the shit out of them on their way out of the packaging. When, they manage to erode the dark, cramped prison you’ve been keeping them in and make a toe-shaped hole.

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Use mint oil

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Try baby powder or foot powder

Then they start to fall down. Sometimes you will not wear tights when you should have, and you will feel simply scandalous. I have very mixed feelings about pantyhose.

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