Do christian parents spank

The very word “spank” exists because there is such a thing as a loving way to whop a child on his behind or his chunky thigh. ) the hebrew word used for rod in this instance can also be translated by discipline since it was common for parents to use a rod in ancient times. On a new study by researchers at tulane university that indicates spanking children leads to more aggressive behavior. Prov 23:13-14: “withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. The less gray matter they have, the less they are able to evaluate how to make a wise and good decision. Together with spanking, you also have to devote a couple of minutes to talk to your child and explain why you had to do that. Even many christian parents i know are practically paralyzed with fear about whether, when, how, and how much to discipline their children.

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Do christian parents spank.

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Business” spankings are never for wee ones. Oh wait, i know a lot of adults like that.