At home bikini wax kits

The body honee extra strength at home wax kit is the best microwavable wax option available today. Leave a small amount of wax at the end of the patch curuling up as that will make it easier to remove. Also, apply the wax in small strips and not more than twice on the same skin portion. The 100 percent natural formula will remove your stubborn hair and, at the same time, exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking lustrous and radiant. If you plan to wax brazilian style, this just might be the best waxing kit with hard wax used by pros. Is our favorite on the go and at home wax kit.

Splurge: gigi mini pro waxing kit

At home bikini wax kits.

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Translation: smooth skin, with a little less pain than other kinds of waxing. Also, when you remove it you have to pull swiftly, in a quick movement.